28th March 2010, Borderline severe storm, Southern Highlands, NSW

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Maddens Plains 
The day was marginal. For once moisture close to the coast was not an issue, but lack of any decent wind shear in the low to mid levels was always going to limit storm potential. This picture was taken in the main street of Robertson, right on the edge of the Illawarra escarpment. The rock hard anvil was from a pulse about 30 mins earlier  about 30 kilometres off the left side of the picture.
Maddens Plains
I traveled westwards along the edge of a weak outflow boundary. Weak, but enough to kick up another strong pulse near Sutton Forest. The surprise was the hail, although small it was quite extensive.  See the video for hail.
Suton Forest

Maddens Plains
The  storm started to become outflow dominated again.
Maddens Plains
At this location (Miitagong) on the southern highlands a decision point for both chaser and storm is reached. The  land drops 400-500m in altitude over the next  few kilomtres to the NE. These repeating outflow based pop and burst storms often die here, if they last they can become nasty as they tap into more heat of the SW Sydney basin (but too often less moisture)............
.......today was a case of dying.

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