Michael Thompson's Australian Storm Chase Diary
Thunder Downunder 2005

An eight day storm chasing adventure that provided storms on all eight days, including the odd supercell. We chased from the wheat fields of central New South Wales (34'S )to the tropical Sugar Cane fields of Mackay (21's ) where we witnessed 5-8cm ( 2-3 inch )hail in the tropics. We covered over 6000kms in the eight days.

Click on any of the days for the full story and lots of pictures.

Day One 25th November 2005

We encounter some supercell storms near West Wyalong


Day Two 26th November 2005

Weaker isolated storm, a weak squall line, then a 2.5 hour lightning show. Ending in Narrabri, NSW

Day Three 27th November 2005

We try to run down a fast moving trough line with suspected embedding supercells. From Narrabri, NSW to Maryborough, Queensland.

Day Four 28th November 2005

We end up in the tropics to find this LP looking storm on sunset. Mackay, Queensland.

Day Five 29th November 2005

We encounter 5-8cm hail in the tropics. Mackay to Rockhampton, Queensland.

Day Six 30th November 2005

We head back south, encountering several multicell storms

Day Seven 1st December 2005

Some severe storms in SE Queensland - multicells mostly, but very high rainfall.

Day Eight 2nd December 2005

On a day we did not expect much we encounter a flash flooding storm near Lismore, NSW