Storm Chase Tour - Sept & Oct 98.

PART 1 - Despair as the death ridge from hell kicks in in.
No storms but some interesting insights and photos of chasing in Australia. 


PART 2 - Some action at last, but bad timing yet again.
We got three storm days this week, but a week later at least three supercells, one confirmed tornado and several other unconfirmed tornadoes develop in the area.



The chase logs above are of what we believe to be Australia's first organised group chase. It was made possible by Jimmy Deguara who did the hard work of organising the tour and rounding up interest. Ideally we would have chased in November, but due to University and school commitments ( Jimmy is a teacher ) we had to chase in the September - October school holiday break. The chase was always a gamble, but during the first week a common, but long lived event in the form of a persistent high pressure ridge shut down all activity. We did get action in the second week, but again were cruelly dealt with when the week after we returned supercells and tornadoes occurred.

A report from James Chambers in regard to the Brisbane supercell and tornado can be found here.

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